These tutorials should be useful for anyone just starting out, as well as for those who have been coding for years but are still using HTML for styling.

To get the most out of them, you should follow the links below in order. For even easier navigation, you will find a link to the next page at the end of every article.

What You See Is not What You Get
Search Engines and Accessibility
Use a Decent Editor – Make your code easy to read and edit
xHTML Basics – A few important rules
Basic xHTML Tags – Paragraphs, links, images, etc.
Absolute, Relative, and Root-Relative URLs (URL = address)
Download the Practice Files
CSS Primer – Examples of CSS at work
CSS Basics – How to style xHTML tags using CSS
Adding Class Names to xHTML Tags – Think “classification”
Styling Those Classes with CSS – Use a dot
xHTML <div> tag – Divide your page into sections
xHTML id attribute – Also includes “jump to” links
Styling ids with CSS – Use a number sign
CSS for layout, part 1
CSS for layout, part 2
CSS for layout: Clearing floats
Lists: Creating them in xHTML and styling them with CSS
More on Styling Lists (also another note on floats)
Link Hover Effects (aka Rollovers)
More on floats. Includes moving that sidebar to the left.
A more coherent design, part 1
A more coherent design, part 2
Inside the Head of a Web Page
xHTML Meta Tags

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