Day: March 26, 2022

HTML or xHTML, What to Teach Beginners?HTML or xHTML, What to Teach Beginners?

I didn’t realize this until just recently, but there actually seems to be a raging debate in the web developer community about whether HTML should be taught before xHTML, or whether beginners should start off with xHTML from the beginning. Why is this even a question to anyone? Isn’t the answer a no-brainer? At […]

The Cascade in CSS: Tags, classes, pseudoclasses, etc.The Cascade in CSS: Tags, classes, pseudoclasses, etc.

Which takes precedence? tag .class tag.class tag:pseudoclass tag.class:pseudoclass What if you add ids into the mix? It can seem confusing when you start adding all these little details to the rules of CSS precedence, but you should always keep in mind that the more specifically-targeted elements will always take precedence over the more generically(or generally)-targeted […]

Ask LesaAsk Lesa

If you have a question about xHTML or CSS that you don’t see answered on this website, please ask in a comment below. If you have simply overlooked it, I will give you the link to it. If it’s something that can be answered in a short sentence or two, I will post the […]